Job Application Service Where jobs come looking for candidates

Job Application Service is a modern employment service that involves an experienced expert’s applying for jobs for a candidate. Our several years’ experience allows us to quickly get an excellent understanding of you want and what you are suitable for, significantly improving your chance of getting a very suitable job, really quickly. With 15+ years’ experience doing this online and offline worldwide, we are the pioneers and the leading provider of this service globally.

Why us for your job applications?

    1. CV Success Rate: We not only have 15+ years’ experience in business, but also unmatched some of the best success rates possible. Recruiters and employers tend to love our CVs as we make their job easier.
    2. Job Application Expertise: Our job application experts have years of experience in placing candidates of all levels in roles most suitable for them. They quickly understand your needs and not only do all the work in getting you good interviews but also find the roles most suitable for you.
    3. We know the right job for you: Thanks to our experience, we know what is below a candidate’s calibre, what could be overambitious and what is right.
    4. Cost-effective: For the quality of our work determined by the success rates of our CVs, we are indeed very cheap! We aim to be as competitive as possible, without reducing the quality of our work.
    5. FREE CV: Our experienced CV writers write/improve your CV completely FREE of charge with our job application service.
    6. FREE Job Profile Creation on top job sites: Our experts identify the best job sites for you and register with them completely FREE of charge with our job application service.
    7. FREE Consultation: We are happy to provide you with expert guidance completely FREE of charge with our job application service.
    8. World’s Largest Database of Jobs: We have one of world’s largest real-time databases of jobs that are updated by people in positions creating those jobs.
    9. Contacts with Employers & Recruiters: We have established contacts with employers and recruitment agents in all sectors all over the country and the world.
    10. Confidential & Flexible: All our applications will be confidential and we are flexible with the way you want us to apply.


How does job application service work?

  • You give us your information.
  • Our CV experts prepare your CV and get your approval. (Max. 2 days*)
  • Our Job experts apply for jobs on your behalf using a shared e-mail account.

( * If you like additional changes this may take longer)

Success Stories

Sarah Dorman made me realise I was worth nearly twice what I was earning as an IT support Engineer and made 4 successful applications out of 25. With 9 years of experience on my job and I had no problem at the interviews after their application.”-
Sarah Dorman
IT Support, London
Samuel Lewis “I had no experience writing CVs and making job applications before. made it very easy for me to get my job quickly.”-Samuel Lewis,
Graphic Designer, Essex
Donna “I got 3 job interviews in a week.”-Donna O’Sullivan,
Office Assistant, Oxfordshire