Success Stories

Success Stories

Our thanks are due, first off, to our clients of the past years for their faith in our service, which is what has allowed us to boast an increasing number of job interviews for them. In the calendar year of 2014 we were able to secure 21,853 job interviews for our clients in the UK. This is what some of them had to say:

Sarah Dorman made me realise I was worth nearly twice what I was earning as an IT support Engineer and made 4 successful applications out of 25. With 9 years of experience on my job and I had no problem at the interviews after their application.” -Sarah Dorman, IT Support, London.
Jamie Davies “Great customer support and advice. Clever ideas!”-Jamie Davies, Fashion ConsultantGlasgow.
Sue Goodyear “Amazing value for money, considering you could just pay a couple quid a job application and get your phone ringing for interviews.” -Sue Goodyear, HR Administrator, Manchester.
Samuel Lewis “I had no experience writing CVs and making job applications before. made it very easy for me to get my job quickly.” -Samuel Lewis, Graphic Designer, Essex.
Alison Walker “Your expert’s knowledge and experience in Marketing jobs saved me a lot of time, money and having to sit through applications without much focus or confidence.” -Alison Walker, Front Office Management, Birmingham.
Ray Miller

“I initially wrote my own CV as I was very confident of my writing skills. But, you guys made me realise the subtle nuances in a great CV that can make a world of difference. Thanks so much!” -Ray Miller, Marketing Analyst, Bristol.

Ashley Harnet “I got through 5 job applications for jobs paying well over my current salary. Remarkable!” -Ashley Harent, Clinical Assistant, London.


How does job application service work?

  • You give us your information.
  • Our CV experts prepare your CV and get your approval. (Max. 2 days*)
  • Our Job experts apply for jobs on your behalf using a shared e-mail account.

( * If you like additional changes this may take longer)